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July 2016 Events at West Park Presbyterian Church

December 9, 2016

SANCTUARY THEATER – Sonnet Remix 2, Thursday June 30th at 7pm
West Park is proud to present the Sonnet Remix 2, the second annual evening of new interpretations of Shakespeare’s sonnets. With a ticket incorporating Guggenheim award-winning composers as well as up and coming theater professionals still discovering their craft, the evening exemplifies West Park’s commitment to open artistic exchange. The artists will use everything from spoken-word to music, dance and video to present Shakespeare’s sonnets in a whole new light.
Thursday, June 30, 2016 at 7pm.  Suggested Donation of $10.

NOCHE FLAMENCA’s 2016 Dance Scholarship Program
Noche Flamenca has long sought to offer an intensive dance scholarship program for students in New York City who have no such opportunity at their schools and lack the means to pay privately. This project, with funding in part provided by the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation, is a small step toward addressing this need.

Dance helps sustain focus and attention, it helps to deal with emotions, stir the imagination, shape the way young people present themselves to the world around them and to understand that there is more than one way to excel.

The workshop will consist of ballet, flamenco, hip-hop, house and waacking technique and choreography dance classes, and a discussion of the history and cultural relevance of each dance form.

Students must have a strong desire to learn dance and must schedule an interview with Martín Santangelo, Artistic Director of Noche Flamenca, in order to be admitted to the workshop.To schedule an interview, please contact Martín Santangelo by phone or email: or 212-729-9433.  For more information, click HERE.

  • West Park Sunday Service at 10am in the Chapel (enter 86th Street)
  • Restoration Temple Ministries’ Service at 10am in the Sanctuary
  • French Christian Ministry at 6pm in the Sanctuary

MONDAY – West Park Bible Study at 7pm in the Chapel (enter 86th Street)
FRIDAY – Open Mic at 7pm in the Chapel

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