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August 2016 Events at West Park Presbyterian Church

December 9, 2016
THE REPRESENTATIVES return on Tuesday, Aug 2nd at 8pm!
Before embarking on their weeks of performances at the Ediburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, The Representatives return to West Park for a preview benefit performance of their latest production,PRIVATE MANNING GOES TO WASHINGTON!

The play, which imagines a secret meeting between Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning and US President Barack Obama, will make its world premiere at the 2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The production features Representatives co-founder Matt Steiner and company member E. James Ford, with design by Paul Hudson, dramaturgy by Jordan Schildcrout, and support from Civil Disobedience Productions.

In December 2010, before his federal indictment for data theft, internet activist Aaron Swartz requested information from the American government regarding the treatment of Chelsea Manning, the soldier who would be found guilty of leaking classified documents to Wikileaks. Richardson uses this fact as a springboard to imagine Swartz creating a piece of theatrical activism intended to free Manning. PRIVATE MANNING GOES TO WASHINGTON is a timely and trenchant new play about the power of theatre to create empathy, understanding, and justice in an age of virtual realities and manufactured truths.

The Representatives is the collaboration of playwright Stan Richardson and actor Matt Steiner. Since 2012, they have presented 14 new works, on subject matter ranging from the global financial crisis to mass shootings in the US. Their recent production of Stan Richardson’s VERITAS, the tragic true story of a secret gay witch-­hunt at Harvard in 1920, was featured in the American Theatre Magazine’s “Deaf Talent, Seen and Heard” and was praised as “agonizingly vivid” by The New York Times.

The benefit preview performance will take place in West Park’s McAlpin Hall, at 8pm.  To make a reservation please email  For more information on the production or The Representatives, click HERE.


  • West Park Sunday Service at 10am in the Chapel (enter 86th Street)
  • French Christian Ministry at 6pm in the Sanctuary

MONDAY – West Park Bible Study at 7pm in the Chapel (enter 86th Street)
FRIDAY – Open Mic at 7pm in the Chapel

NOCHE FLAMENCA’s INAUGURAL SUMMER SCHOLARSHIP DANCE PROGRAM ended on Friday, 7/22. Great kids, first-rate instructors, generous donors, and young lives changed!Noche Flamenca gathered together an incredible first cohort and the outpouring of community support was been amazing! Big THANKS to instructors Soledad Barrio, Nubian Néné, TweetBoogie, and Eric Abbott Hoisington AND Famous Famiglia, Saint James Gate, Fairway Market, Harriet’s Kitchen & Shake Shack AND Noche’s many generous individual donors!  Learn more about the program and view Noche’s donor roll call HERE.

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