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April and May Events 2016

March 29, 2016

April 2016 Events at
West Park Presbyterian Church

SANCTUARY THEATER – April 15th & 16th @ 8pm

Watusi Regime III presents Light to Dark – a collaborative dancer performance in the Sanctuary Theater on April 15th & 16th at 8pm.  Watusi Regime is a site-specific collaborative performance series held throughout New York City, aiming to create a social and immersive experience for both audience and artist. Watusi Regime showcases the work of choreographers, musicians, filmmakers, playwrights and visual artists and hopes to foster deeper connections among artists of these disciplines.Light to Dark features choreography by Sean Curran, Stefanie Batten Bland, Adam Barruch & Chelsea Bonosky, Wendell Cooper, Kate Jewett, Dylan Crossman, Russell Stuart Lilie and Meredith Glisson, with support from Charlie Adams & Urban Choir Project’s Britpop Choir. M usic and puppetry collaboration by Sarah Grace Holcomb, Emile Blondel, Patrick Sandefur and Aaron Haskell, and films by Jennifer Keller, Stephane Glynn and Chelsea Retzloff.  For tickets go to:

BALCONY THEATER – April 7th thru 9th @ 8pm
FENGARI Ensemble is pleased to announce it’s inaugural full-length production, and the New York premiere of Steve Bellwood’s COCKPIT.  When Tom, a poet and high school English teacher, and Diane, a feminist social sciences professor have their car break down in the suburbs of the Pacific Northwest they are aided and welcomed in for the night by Ivan, an elite mercenary in the war on terror and by his teenaged wife Ruth, a former stripper turned housewife. Fueled by a liberating sense of dislocation, whiskey, curiosity and lust, both couples strive to come to a new understanding of themselves under the influence of deeply different strangers. As tensions and attractions build the night moves towards epiphany, transgression and violence. COCKPIT emerges as a deeply urgent and timely drama that lays bare the cost of the war on terror in relation to the American domestic front. The play explores the gap and the bridging of the gap between soldiers and civilians, men and women, those who work with their bodies and those who work with their intellects. It examines the nature of addiction and desire, the fragility of identity, the complicity in violence Americans share, and the ability of lives to change rapidly over the course of one night.  A darkly comic, exhilarating and intoxicating comic tragedy is swiftly entertaining while provoking some of the most important questions that New Yorkers and Americans can ask themselves in 2016.

SHAG FANTASY DINNER SERIES presents: Rite of Spring
Saturday May 14, 2016 – 7pm in historic McAlpin Hall
Tickets on sale April 1st at ­

General Admission, VIP tickets, & Full Tables Available

Treat yourself to a fantasy. Immerse yourself in aphrodisiacs for all of the senses. Revelry and indulgence are both on the menu at this magical, masked dinner party. Featuring a tantalizing multi­-course tasting menu by Brooklyn culinary artists “Harvest & Revel” who take us through an aphrodisiac exploration, with sumptuous morsels, drink pairings, and farm­ to ­table organic cuisine*.

Interactive theatre­, dance, and ­performance art, featuring live music, burlesque and original choreography, dusted with sensual poetry and prose. Enchanted masked creatures will taunt and tease you at the sexiest, wildest night of original movement, dance, and play to hit the immersive theatre scene yet. An utterly unique dinner experience for couples, singles, and groups. Allow yourself to be transformed when you enter the fantasy, succumb to desire, and unleash your animal impulses.

Shag is a sexy shop and multidisciplinary arts and event space in Brooklyn. Join them as downtown comes uptown at this exclusive event. Produced & Directed by Elizabeth Weitzen for Shag Brooklyn, with choreography by Rachel Switlick. Performances by Ariel Ash, AlejandroCardozo, Emily Dalton, Kate DaRocha, Julia Neveu, Eric Paterniani, Ian Prince, Camille Shandle, Jonathan Rentler, and Iffy Roma

*Dietary restrictions welcome and accommodated.
**Original artwork by April Alayne

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